Tonight I went to a happiness workshop. It was run by kikki.K and yes, I did expect that part of the answer to happiness would be to buy more stationery. I was ok with that, because I have a bit of a thing for stationery, especially Swedish designed stationery. However, I’m pleased to say that… More Happiness

So, what IS permeate?

Today I butted in on a twitter conversation. [View the story “So what is permeate?” on Storify] The question that caught my eye was this: What is permeate? I’ve been following the discussion about permeate and I knew that Lynne Strong from Clover Hill Dairies had recently posted something on the subject. Now my friends… More So, what IS permeate?

Does ‘getting it wrong’ bring us closer to getting it right?

This morning my twitter feed was swamped with comments from agricultural producers about the new advertisements by Woolworths. The conversation was prompted by a blog post from Lynne Strong on how the advertisements made her feel. As you can see from her blog, Lynne has worked hard to present a very different view of agriculture… More Does ‘getting it wrong’ bring us closer to getting it right?