I’ve always loved learning. When I was growing up, being paid to find out stuff sounded like the best job. I wanted to be an archeologist first, but then going to a school with a farm introduced me to agriculture. I loved how agriculture was science you could eat. It was a human thing in the way that the other sciences didn’t seem to be. It was connected with history and culture and economics and politics in a way that just made sense.

I was good at science. I worked hard and went all the way through to a PhD and a post-doc in the Netherlands. But life doesn’t always go to plan and before my career in research had really started it was over.

As a science communicator I have worked in science centres, developing education programs for schools and the community, and put together events and run social media platforms for research groups.

Now, I find myself back in research again and it feels like home. My work aims to understand what the public thinks and understands about the role of science in food production. For more information on that have a look at the Food Values Research Group webpage. I also blog about my research at agriCultural. Here, it’s all sorts of stuff and things.




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