So, what IS permeate?

Today I butted in on a twitter conversation. [View the story “So what is permeate?” on Storify] The question that caught my eye was this: What is permeate? I’ve been following the discussion about permeate and I knew that Lynne Strong from Clover Hill Dairies had recently posted something on the subject. Now my friends… More So, what IS permeate?

Does ‘getting it wrong’ bring us closer to getting it right?

This morning my twitter feed was swamped with comments from agricultural producers about the new advertisements by Woolworths. The conversation was prompted by a blog post from Lynne Strong on how the advertisements made her feel. As you can see from her blog, Lynne has worked hard to present a very different view of agriculture… More Does ‘getting it wrong’ bring us closer to getting it right?

Bringing story back

One of the things that’s really important to me as a science communicator is telling stories. I certainly didn’t invent the idea of moving towards a more narrative way of describing science, and I know that I’m not the only one that feels that storytelling is key to more engagement in science. In fact, it… More Bringing story back

Dear Sir David

This post was first published on the Letters to Sir David Attenborough blog set up by my ASC pals @upulie and @ScientistMags. Dear Sir David Everyone has a collection of Very Special Things. These are the precious things, the first things into the car when a bushfire looms along with the kids and the pets.… More Dear Sir David

Look at our tomatoes!

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m not one to miss an opportunity for some agricultural science, whether it’s at work, social occaisons or at home. Recently an opportunity presented itself so I thought I’d share. During the summer school holidays, Boy persuaded me to get some of those ‘kitchen garden’ kits from a popular retailer. They… More Look at our tomatoes!